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Our Glorious Trip to Ireland: Portmarnock Beach & Trim Castle

Earlier this year, I and my family embarked on an adventure. 

We sold many of our belongings, put the rest into storage, and took our five kids on a trip to The British Isles for four months! 

Our style of travel was called Slow Travel. 

The idea is that instead of racing around from one tourist destination to another, you stay in houses a bit longer-term 2-4 weeks at a time, so you can truly drink in the surroundings. 

Our travels began with six glorious weeks in Ireland! 

Here are just a few photos from that trip (I took sooo many!)

This post will feature our photos from Portmarnock Beach and Trim Castle!

No doubt, we will be back again!


Portmarnock Beach, Ireland

Portmarnock Beach - one of our favorites!! The sand is incredibly soft, the water is perfect, and this side of the beach was not populated at all. A wonderful day! 


Trim Castle

My youngest son and I at Trim Castle. The first "real" castle they'd ever been to! 

This castle is huge and very old! Fascinating. 


I was thrilled to finally be here, taking in this 700-year-old beauty!

My son, Ryder. He wasn't supposed to be up there, I don't think... but he climbed before I could notice. He was pretty impressed! 


I couldn't get enough of this architecture. 


Me, in one of the tunnels within Trim Castle. I can't remember what this particular room was used for. 


Heading into the tower for a tour! These doors are 😍🤩


The kids checking the view from one of the tower windows.. amazing!


Who wouldn't want a stairwell like this?!? #lifegoals



The top of the tower!

The view from the top of Trim Castle into the courtyard... love it!


And... the view from the top! So glorious! 


I hope you enjoyed these photos, and there will definitely be more posts... I didn't want to cram them all into one or two posts, there are too many amazing photos and places to share with you!


Thanks for coming along for the journey!

XOX, Leah


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