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Official LEAH Merchandise + Celtic Accessories

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Hello from LEAH

Welcome to my lair :)

This is the place to be when you want to leave the mundane behind, and add a little extra magic to your day. 

I find life can be a mysterious thing, and we all have many different stories, but one thing that brings people like you and I together is our common love for magical things, places, ideas, and music of course!

I'm delighted you're here. 
Thank you for supporting the music, and making this magical community even better by being part of it all. 


What people are saying about "THE QUEST" album:

Overall, this is very well put together album, with crystal clear production, highlighting the amazing voice and songwriting talents of Leah. She has thought of it all here, and there’s a little bit of something for everyone. Tender, sweet and pensive music, powerfully emotive music, everything that lies in between, and that wonderfully mesmerizing voice to pull it all together. The guest musicians are also a noteworthy collection of seasoned performer who fill in all the details. 
Long live the Queen!

- Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell (Metal Temple)

Ultimately, “The Quest” stands out as yet another remarkable addition to Leah’s discography, and it falls in line with the unorthodox, yet extremely rewarding attitude of this unique artist. If you are a fan of folk metal, orchestral music and progressive rock, this album is a must pick up, as it features some of the perks of all of these aforementioned genres and more.

[...]When you have so much to give, and obviously let your passion lead the way, quality music is absolutely a no-brainer outcome.

- Jeff (Folknrock)

Full of mature composition and recording, resulting in a lush soundscape that envelops the listener from the first note to the haunting traditional closer.
- Adrian Breemann (CrypticRock)

[...]those into symphonic music in all its forms (not to mention LEAH’s back catalog) or any type of hard music with a medieval bent (Wytch Hazel comes to mind) would be wise to make it a priority purchase.   

- Andrew Rockwell (Angelic Warlord)

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