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Why I don't tour...

Many people don't know this, but when I began my music career in 2012 I chose not to be a touring artist (for now) - not because I didn't crave the stage or to interact with my fans live, but for one very important reason...

I have young children (ages 3-12).

I didn't know if I would ever "make it" because of that choice, but it was very clear to me I shouldn't put my career ahead of my family.

I believe the young years are the most impressionable and crucial time in kids' lives and they need a "mother of dragons" around as much as possible.

So I decided to take the road less traveled and simply be a recording artist, even if it meant I wouldn't be as successful, and even if it meant a harder journey for me.

I didn't completely give up my music career dreams either because I also believe that while it's vital for parents to be around as much as possible, it's equally important for kids to see their parents work hard, and pursue their passion, gifts and dreams.

Do you agree?

I wanted to tell you about that part of my personal life because I get
the question a lot about if I'll do a tour and when.

For now I'm very content as a recording artist, however, I definitely have the itch to perform live...

I'm very aware of the great amount of effort that goes into live performance, from forming a band (which I don't have), to rehearsals, logistics, tour schedules, 
and much, much more.

I don't take these facts lightly.

 What I can tell you is that when I decide to tour, I won't dabble - I'll jump in with two feet!

It will be an amazing show. I'm already making notes of what I want the experience to be like! (Feel free to leave me suggestions in the comments below!)


Well, for one, I need to make sure my family is in a position where we can travel together (unless, I'm doing only a few shows, or very short legs).

In fact, we traveled for 5 months throughout Ireland, England, Scotland, and the USA!

It was a great way for me to test the waters and see how my kids do with travel. 

The second thing... there needs to be enough demand.

Most artists tour as a way to get their name out there and introduce their
music to the world.

I'm doing things quite backwards.

I'm introducing my music to the world, so that if and when I tour, it will be a
great success and hopefully people will show up!

After all, touring is very expensive - so my view is that it must justify the effort.

The best way to ensure a tour happens is to buy an album.

This tells me and my team (and concert/festival booking agents) that there's demand in your town!

The more demand there is, the more likely it is I'll travel toyour city and play for you LIVE.

It's the principle of supply & demand. You demand, I'll supply! ;)

So I hope that answers your question as to the touring situation and plan!

So... what now?

Now... we show the world that the music industry is not dead and that fans & artists make the world go 'round, and we don't' need middlemen and labels to make things happen.

I mentioned how most people have NEVER heard of such a thing as Celtic Metal - 
but together we are making history!

The support you have shown already...  I believe it's something rather historical and shows us the power of MUSIC!

So.. let's show the world and all the naysayers out there that Celtic Metal is here to stay and is worth listening to and supporting!!

Your "Mother of dragons,"


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