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Are Video Games Good For You?

 You may wonder why I'm posting about video games here, when I'm a Celtic & Fantasy songwriter. Well... for one, because from time to time I too play games. I also love RPGs and sometimes use these fantasy worlds for inspiration for my next song. 

In addition, thousands of my fans are also gamers! They're the ones that got me hooked on SKYRIM to begin with! :) 

That got me thinking about how games impact us, because in my mind, it's not nearly as mindless as watching TV. It requires critical thinking, strategy, and engages the brain so much more. 

I found this really interesting video and hope you enjoy it. Spread the word - I think this information is helpful and more people need to know this!


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Kyle Kiefer

Kyle Kiefer

June 16, 2018

YES, Video Games Aer Good For You. They Can Help You Feel Better & Can Also Be A Pain Relief. They Do Help Hand Eye Coordination.

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