Ancient Winter - Super Download

  • Enjoy 'Ancient Winter' in all its glory! The new Celtic-Medieval-inspired Winter album from LEAH is the most unique holiday album of the year! You will not be disappointed with the enchanting atmosphere this music will cast in your home, car, and listening devices!

    This is the SUPER download, which means you'll get all the formats that are important to your listening experience!

    1. Comes in FLAC, WAV and MP3 formats!
    2. Includes artwork for the album cover & singles
    3. Comes with the digital booklet, artwork, photos, credits, and more!
    4. Makes a wonderful gift for yourself or someone you know!


    1. The Whole World Summons
    2. Light of the World
    3. Upon Your Destiny
    4. Redemption
    5. The Messenger
    6. Gaudete
    7. Puer Natus
    8. Noel Nouvelet