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Kickstarter - 🔥 Flame Seeker Bundle

IMPORTANT: Each item is a PRE-ORDER and will be delivered in January before or close to the album's release.

The 🔥 Flame Seeker bundle includes:

💥 Super Digital Bundle
💥 3 Disc Digibook
💥 Candle Set & Art box

The Super Digital Bundle is EXCLUSIVE to this Kickstarter campaign! The bundle includes:

  • Digital album in WAV, MP3, & FLAC formats
  • An instrumental version of the album 
  • Bonus ambient tracks 
  • Digital 'Thank You' message

The 3 Disc Digibook is also EXCLUSIVE to this Kickstarter campaign! The Digibook consists of:

  • 12-track album on CD
  • An instrumental version of the album on CD
  • Bonus ambient tracks on CD
  • Hardcover
  • A5 size (5.8 x 8.3 inches)
  • Full-colour pages with lyrics, credits, bonus photos, anecdotes and extras, that won't be available in any other version of the album

The Candle Set & Art box are also EXCLUSIVE to this Kickstarter campaign! The set consists of:
  • Set of three 8oz custom candles made by Mythologie Candles for this campaign only
  • Custom art box exclusive to this Kickstarter
  • Each candle comes in an amber glass vessel with a metal twist-on lid
  • Burn time is 50+  hours each!
  • Lead-free cotton wicks
  • Made from a natural coconut-blend wax
  • The scent of each candle is unique and designed by LEAH herself for this specific campaign! 

Candle #1: Legions of Light: Blissful Citrus | Ancient Sandalwood | Rich Tonka Bean

Candle #2: Battleground Eternal: Sultry Smoke | Charred woods | Aged Leather

Candle #3: Twilight Sanctuary: Firefly-lit Forest | Dark Blossoms | Midnight Vanilla


Shipping 📦

The tentative release date for the album and vinyl is January 19th, 2024. We will aim for all of the reward packages with physical goods to ship 1-2 weeks before the release day.

The download link for the digital album and digital rewards will be sent via email a week before release day. You will receive an email with a download link and instructions on how to retrieve the files.