Celtic Folklore Candles + T-Shirt Bundle

Experience 6 different scents with this 8oz Celtic Folklore candle bundle!

Enter a green, lush forest with all kinds of mythical beings such as Fae, Spriggans, Elves, and Wood Nymphs. Immerse your senses in the light of our cotton wicks and a luxurious coconut-blend wax. Scents designed by LEAH herself for Mythologie Candles.

This pack includes 6 candles and a t-shirt (choose your size above!)

  • Fae of the Forest: Deep forest, orange blossom, moss, amber, wood
  • Elven Courtyard: Sandalwood, vanilla, fresh lemon & honey
  • Tree Nymph Palace: Cedar, Pine, Dark Berries & Blood Orange
  • The Enchanted Grove: Sugared Citrus Fruits & Exotic Greens
  • House of the Seelie King: Dried herbs, Sweet Tobacco, Floral musk
  • The Spriggan: Evergreen trees, Citrus, Earth, and Vanilla Musk