Bodiam Castle Wall Art


Decorate your home like a King or Queen with this custom printed wall art! 

Bodiam Castle is one of England's best known and loved castles, encircled by its iconic moat and surrounded by the lush greenery so characteristic of this land. 


  • Features a professional gallery wrap around a sturdy wooden frame.
  • Printed using state-of-the-art wide-format printers which offer uncompromising gallery quality.
  • Constructed with premium Inkjet canvas material for maximum color vibrancy and exceptional durability.
  • All canvas wraps are packaged securely to ensure a safe damage-free delivery.


Bodiam Castle was built in 1385 with the intention of defending the area against potentially invading armies of France during what would become known as The Hundred Years War. It was also meant to be an inviting home.

Bodiam Castle was built in a unique and interesting way. It is one of the few truly quadrangular castles and has chambers on the outer walls and inner courts. There are towers at each of its entrance points and all four of its corners, which acted as lookouts for potential attacks.


3 Piece Dimensions



4 Piece Dimensions


NOTE: When you place your order your wall art is custom printed just for you! Please allow up to 4 days for processing and printing, and then we will ship it to you as fast as possible. It is normal for international orders to sometimes take up to 3-4 weeks to arrive. Please send us a message at any time for any reason! 


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