Celtic Folklore Roll-On Fragrance + T-Shirt Bundle

Experience Celtic myth & legend all the time with this Celtic Folklore roll-on fragrance set!

The theme of this collection is Celtic Folklore in Summer. Enter a green, lush forest with all kinds of mythical beings such as Fae, Spriggans, Elves, Wood Nymphs and Seelies! You won't find overbearing floral scents here. Instead, you'll immerse your senses with the fragrance of forests, fresh leaves, citrus trees, dark berries & herbs, sandalwood, vanilla, and honey, fresh from the hives of Spring bees. 

All scents designed by LEAH herself for Mythologie Candles!

Experience three of Mythologie Candles' most requested scents as a fragrance oil! Formulated with all-natural ingredients, a coconut oil base, and always phthalate and paraben-free, now you can take the experience of Mythologie scents everywhere you go! 

This set includes 3 roll-on fragrances and a t-shirt (choose your size above!) :

:male_elf: Elven Courtyard: White pillars extend up into high archways and intricate marble carvings. The high elves adorned in silver and pale golden robes bask in the warmth of the sun, refreshed by the mist of a nearby waterfall. Notes of Sweet vanilla, sandalwood and honey wine enjoyed with a squeeze of lemon in the Summer sun.

:fairy: Tree Nymph Palace: What appears but a forest to us is a palace to the tree nymphs. Enchanted ceilings, mighty halls buried in tree trunks and vines laden with crimson berries entwine over branches. Notes of Juiced blood oranges and dark berries sipped from flower petal goblets with a hint of light cedar and pine.

:tangerine: Enchanted Grove: Bright flowers adorn the mossy floor and tree branches bow heavy with the weight of ripe fruits as the fair-folk tend to their citrus orchard. Notes of Exotic greens crushed under bare feet, sugared oranges and limes freshened with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Collect all 3 of these top-selling scents in a bundle!  

  • Size: 10ml
  • Glass amber bottles with stainless steel roller ball
  • Black Lids