Egyptian Jasper Bracelet

Adorn yourself like a wealthy ancient Egyptian!

In ancient Egypt, both men and women were great lovers of jewelry and adorned themselves with a profusion of trinkets. Jewelry also showed wealth and status and offered protection from evil. This protection was available for those dead or alive and was thought to bring prosperity in both the present and the afterlife.

The color of the jewelry and gemstones was very important to the Egyptians since certain colors were thought to provide protection against evil and good luck. In many ancient cultures, royalty was represented by the color blue, and this was especially true in ancient Egypt.

  • All-natural gemstones
  • Materials: Jasper, genuine leather cord, zinc alloy decorative clasp
  • Length: about 17-17.5 cm / 6.6-6.8"
  • Unique design not found in stores!
  • Handmade!

We process orders daily! This item may take up to 28 business days to arrive, depending country of origin and customs. Please email for any questions!
~ Team Ex Cathedra