Ancient Winter - Vinyl + Super Download

  • Nothing is as rich-sounding as vinyl, but it is sure handy to have the digital format available for convenience. That's why we put together a Vinyl + Digital bundle -- just for you!

    'Ancient Winter' is one of the most anticipated holiday albums of the year. Written & performed by Celtic-Fantasy artist LEAH, you'll be taken to another era as your soul is immersed in Medieval choirs, Celtic instruments, and Worldly flavors of the middle east.

    If you're a music lover, this is for you! Enjoy 'Ancient Winter' in the ultimate music experience, which is 180g vinyl!


    1. The Whole World Summons
    2. Light of the World
    3. Upon Your Destiny
    4. Redemption
    5. The Messenger
    6. Gaudete
    7. Puer Natus
    8. Noel Nouvelet


    This product is part of the 'Ancient Winter' collection and is a limited-time release! Only available until March 2020 unless we decide to bring it back next winter.